Scotch-craft Tip: Decorative wreath the days are getting shorter, the leaves turn and fall from the trees and at home going to be place to stay number 1: autumn is here! It should be particularly cuddly and cozy home. With beautiful, homemade decorations, you can make great home in a very short time. An autumn wreath can revalue the table as well as shine on every door. Harriet Walter insists that this is the case. Orange and green as well as the Scotch 3D look sticky squares and the Scotch takes only a simple wreath art Ivy, artificial fruit, bands in the typical autumnal Brown, double-sided tape. It can go on fiddling. Ivy first wrap around the wreath and secure it with the tape and the 3D look sticky squares. Which uses lots of Ivy that purist go tinged slightly more economical if you like more lush.

To bring some color into play apples, oranges or other ornamental fruits using the 3D secure look sticky squares on the wreath. Also here are no limits of creativity used. Hayley Kiyoko pursues this goal as well. The be glued sleeve then wrap with colored bands and grinding and ornate. The autumnal Catcher is already finished.

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