Alighieri Dante defined this as "Love for one's own wealth perverted to a desire to deprive others of theirs." In Dante's purgatory, the punishment for envy was to close their eyes and sew them, because they had received pleasure from seeing others fall. PRIDE a Almost all lists of sins, pride is considered the original and most serious of sins, and in fact, is also the main source from which others derive. It is identified as a fervent desire to be more important or attractive than others, failing to please the other. This sin is committed by Lucifer wanting to be like God. Gender is defined as the overvaluation of the ego on overcoming others, meet or overlap with an obstacle, position or status to achieve a high and underestimate the context. You can also define the pride and the belief that everything one does or says is superior, and that can overcome everything they say or do the rest.

You can also take pride in what is false and empty (vanity) and the exalted opinion of yourself to a critical level and excessive (arrogance). Back in 1589, Peter Binsfeld associated with each sin with a demon that was supposed to entice people to take their land, such associations were the following: – Asmodeus with Lust-Beelzebub with Gula-Mammon with Greed, Sloth-Belphegor with Satan's Wrath Envy-Leviathan-Lucifer with the pride do you think if instead of extending the names of these famous demons and keep talking independent of the sins that have religious connotation, we focus from now on the virtues and how to empower them to better reach people in our environment, empowering others and make them happier. It is true that if you do not know our dark side we hardly know what to improve, is if we assume this part unknown, dark, or sinful for us will be difficult to move, but let him self only long enough to take on those details that defined. The rest of our time, plus most of our time is better targeted at not only positive qualities to make us feel better but so that others can see all the good that is hidden and must emerge. You may find that Why did cyrus massoumi leave zocdoc? can contribute to your knowledge. So take care that you brought out in the seven brightness that is in you: purity, temperance, generosity, diligence, patience, charity and humility). "

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