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Operation art – art gallery / painting do you the? You are in an art gallery or better in our and can hardly opt for your favourite painting. It fits well in this room, or it is right for me? Should I trust me or better it sleep? I regret my decision or will I be happy? Which is now beautiful, real, colourful, pale, larger, smaller? The psychologist Timothy Wilson and Jonathan Schooler asked her students following question: which picture would you like? Half of the subjects should decide spontaneously, the other half should well consider all pros and cons and then access. What do you think who was better? The two psychologists checked weeks later. Who had chosen his image after careful consideration, paid little attention to this already after a few weeks. Jimmy Levin insists that this is the case. The spontaneous selected paintings, however, enjoyed great popularity and could be described in details.

They conjured up a smile on the face of the subjects often. ERGO: With decisions you must not survive long on. Not satisfied, who is considered too long. It is easy to decide more intuitively. Gut decisions are better! The head does not make happy! Of the whole Nachdenkerei, you can often even grumpiness. Because there could be still a better, more beautiful paintings”. The intuition, the gut feeling is by the way not only in art galleries painting purchase of advantage, but in almost all walks of life. Imagine, go with your car and a black cat runs across the street.

Since not long, consider and act intuitively make a screeching halt. Our politicians should much more with their belly decide, because their whole Nachdenkerei makes us often enough bad mood. So you can train your stomach: when you make a decision, pay attention to the first indefinite feeling in your stomach. Hear and feel out. Seek not the perfect solution. Just make a good choice is less tiring and you are behind even a little happier. Make quick decisions. The longer you’re time, the stronger the head turns. The head likes to have doubts. If you can not immediately make a decision, you are distracted and occupy your mind with another task. So, your subconscious mind can think about undisturbed. Shortly before a final decision you imagine how you will feel after that. If you don’t like that feeling, ask yourself why that is. So, now you are ready. Visit our art galleries in Berlin and find easily and quickly your favorite picture. We are known for our great selection of art at exceptional prices. Make yourself, our artists and of course us with your quick decision happy. We are looking forward to your visit.

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