Aviation Accident

Article: One year of the disappearance of 447 flight AF Airbus A330-200 of the Air France Robert Ramalho is Journalist, Lawyer, Public Relations and studious of subjects politicians Are very strange who the aerial company Air aerial France and other company not to have taken steps on this so delicate subject that &#039 is the one discovery; ' behavior anormal' ' in one of its equipment since January passed for the European Agency of Security of Aviation (Easa), that it told, also, one another air accident occurrence with an aircraft, also a Airbus, of the Qantas company of Australia. If this could happen this accident could again have been prevented saving the 228 lives that were on board airplane AF 447 of the Air France. I wait that the specialists and technician in this type of procedure, which is of inquiry of air accidents of the company manufacturer of the airplane and of the Air France and military of the aeronautics of France and Brazil they can find the true cause for this happened terrible accident in Atlantic Ocean, and if possible rescuing the box-black color of the deep one of the sea. Although already if it has the affirmation that the accident was caused by a responsible part for the control of the speed of the aircraft. The BBC Brazil informed that flight AF 447, with 228 people of 32 nationalities on board, disappeared of the radars in the end of the sunday night.

The last contact of the aircraft occurred for return of 2h GMT of monday (23h of sunday, hour of Brasilia), when the airplane crossed a turbulence area. The air accident had great international repercussion, mainly between the French periodicals Le Figaro, Le Monde and The Washington Post. Le Figaro detached the accident at the time affirming that even so it has had the possibility of the airplane to have been reached for a ray day said that ' ' other hypotheses also needed to be consideradas' '.


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