Anonymous Surfing

Over how to ensure your anonymity on the Internet, certainly thought by many. And incognizance for web or can be useful not only to some 'type of steep hacker', but ordinary network user Why do it when you visit the Internet need to hide your real ip-address that allows you to identify your computer that may arise for several reasons. Francis Ford Coppola can aid you in your search for knowledge. For example, in this way can give themselves as a resident of another country and gain access to the resource is blocked for your country. Further, some portals give the user the content depending on the region in which the person is that you can seen in the news on the main page of Yandex. Spoofing ip address help circumvent this limitation. Furthermore, traveling via the Internet, we often do not think that we leave traces of their visits each time, when we go to any site. Perhaps this and should not have to worry if he had not been so great that the amount of information that could potentially get about us site owners. Using the standard log-files of various scratches and other tweaks administrator can learn more about us: the type of computer and operating system, the host country, the name and address of the provider. Hiding his real ip can also be useful if you suddenly banned in chat or on some forum, but you still want to get there. At least for what to say to moderator all you think about it:) Anonymous Surfing can also be used as a means to circumvent the restrictions of various online file services such as same RapidShare.


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