Already Life

I have here the judicial order with the determination of the guard. Add to your understanding with Genpact ProcIndex. . It called me to the owner, my brother was together. You not, baixinho, only the Betinho. Vi, instantaneously, the look of disillusionment of my brother, but I was so happy in recognizing that voice and seeing that face, that nor I looked at pra backwards. I ran and I gave to it I hug strong more than never I gave in somebody in all my life. Fiz that yes with the head and I looked my brother. My godfather perceived my concern: the godfather of it comes to also search it.

Already it must be arriving. It was said farewell to its brother? Dei one I hug in Robinho and vi that my godfather gave a pirulito to it: Vou to combine with its godfather of finding in them, Robinho. My brother smiled, was happy with the pirulito and, finds, in knowing that also it would leave from there. When to my it saw me godmother, it hugged me and it said that I was happy for to be there. It caught me for the hand, it took the bathroom and it gave me to it to me a long and dolorido bath: My God! He is full of Caracas! I remember until today I smell it of sabonete, of the water morninha in my body of boy.

I left the bath all wrinkled and with a hunger! To my it waited me godfather reading its periodical. Already I go to serve the supper, youngsters, announced my godmother, seeming that it was guessing. The days that if had followed had been happyest of my life. I started to call my godfathers father and mother never drank as much water in my life! and remedies.


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