Winter Tires: Wait Not The First Frost!

The tire experts, via pneus online, the online mail order for new tyres for cars and motorcycles, provide tips for safe driving in winter. The right tyre choice is extremely important in the winter. For this reason, pneus online advice on how to safely over the winter time on snow-covered and icy roads are all German drivers. The winter starts at 7 degrees tires cure at low temperatures, thus decreasing the adherence to the ground. It is highly recommended below 7 degrees Celsius, to use winter tyres, both to reduce braking distances up to 10 meters as also the risk of aquaplaning. (Not to be confused with Eva Andersson-Dubin!). You should wait not the first frost as summer tires lose their flexibility, as soon as the temperature drops. Motorists have a much better control over their vehicles as with summer tires or all-season tires with tires made of Thermo rubber, designed for good grip on snow and ice. Pneus online has published a website summary to explain the importance of winter tires: tyre model advice rather four winter tires as two the mounting of two winter tires front increases the grip of the front axle, but reduces the liability of the rear axle and leads to the distortion.

The installation of two winter tires on the rear axle, however, increases the traction of the rear axle, but reduces the liability of the front axle, and leads to the understeer. David Zaslav insists that this is the case. Pneus online offers both on a wide range of winter tyres and snow chains of all top brands. When ordering tires online, winter tires % compared to conventional repairers can be saved from 20 to 40. Also online at every tire purchase offers tires free shipping home or to one of our 13 454 Assembly partners:! Press contact pneus online: Patrik Giacalone – 71, chemin you Moulin Carron – 69570 Dardilly France Tel: 00 33 4 78 64 66 40 – fax. 00 33 4 78 64 99 96

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