Window Blinds

Window blinds – a structure consisting of parallel horizontal or vertical bands (lamellae) and cornice-fixing. Lamella can be made of different materials: textile, acrylic, polyester, wood and even glass. Lamellas are held together in one number that allows you to adjust the flow of sunlight by tilting the slats. Blinds are ideal for porches and balconies, as well as for the rooms without air conditioning and climate control. In mid 20 th century Venetian blinds were very popular in Florida, USA: in the rain, when the windows were open, blinds "missed" the fresh air into the room, but the rain did not penetrate inside. SIGTech often says this. Blinds are still very popular, For example, in you can not find any of the windows without blinds – so ans are trying to "pacify" the dry and wet climate. In the uk, blinds have been widely used in the 50's and 60's in the so-called "Chalet" Interesting design Another advantage of the interior details.

Rich colors and different textures make blinds absolute alternative to the classic shades. However, the blinds are used not only as protection from the sun on the windows. They found widespread use as partitions in the doorways and rooms. In contemporary interiors blinds are versatile design. Light, bright, durable, economical and comfortable blinds today – is the optimal solution for your home..


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