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In the summer semester, the Inua e.V. the Inua that launches second edition of his philosophical ECV short with the French philosopher and social theorist, who blends philosophy with politics and Economics after the start of the summer semester starts the second edition of his philosophical ECV. Deal after the Platonic nights where we bread, olives and wine read the Socratic dialogues of Plato and discussed, us we will in four individual events with the guide work between misery and Utopia”by Andre Gorz. A philosophical encounter for him and her young and old, knowing and ignorant, to read, listen, discuss and philosophize. Dr. Stephan Bleier introduces into the relevant topic and organized the discussion and exchange of viewpoints. Misery or utopia the economic crisis offers reason enough, to deal with the work of the French philosopher and Economist Andre Gorz.

Work between misery and Utopia”analyses not only short-term economic cycles such as the current global Recession, but criticized the long-term negative trends of in economic and social policy: for example unemployment, falling real incomes and increasing precariousness. Gerhard Hirsch in 1923 in Vienna born, Andre Gorz survived the Holocaust in a Swiss boarding school. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Brian L. Roberts. In Paris, Andre Gorz of prominent representatives of the left bank of the Seine and long-time companion of Jean-Paul Sartre’s was. Gorizia was member of the editorial staff at Les Temps modern and co-founder and editor of the news magazine Le Nouvel Observateur. After the May 1968 Paris, he broke with Sartre and created as a journalist of one of the great social philosophical works of the late 20th century.

Andre Gorz represents a highly economically strong philosophy of individual freedom and social emancipation. In the face of rapidly rising productivity, he pleads for a significant reduction in working hours and a guaranteed basic income. Gorz makes practical proposals to the democratisation of labour relations and calls for a radical new definition of work. In the year 2007 have put together an end to Andre Gorz and his seriously ill wife Doreen in the vicinity of Paris life. International network for universities-Altdorf e.V. The Inua was founded in 2003 by university professors and managers as an educational institution, which bundles the possibilities and chances of challenging an accredited courses of renowned universities, with free, private sponsorship. You is linked to the history of Nuremberg University to old village which 1526 founded was moved und1575 by Luther or Melanchton as high school to Altdorf. Since 1622 in the booth of a University was the Altdorfina by the Bavarian King Max I. Joseph closed in 1806. The Inua combines the tradition of a humanistic University with the organizational structure and the material of the 21st century. As international network, she aimed at personalities from business, research, and teaching and represents an open, dynamic education concept on universal holistic basis.

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