Tuning Work Immortal

‘Grand Opening’ at tuningtagebuch.de! Now it is so as far as that goes Tuningtagebuch.de to launch new community! TuningtagebuchWorum doing here at all? We can each user get his tuning project big. Tuner can show how you refine your car and how is watching the progress of the work in their own free tuning diary (blog). This can be done in the form of text, videos or images. We offer many specials, like for example an individually designable tuning diary, an own subdomain () a gallery script, lots of different widgets for the sidebar, a comment function, and much more! So the ambitious tuner to now finally gets more the possibility of his project to show a few images with data. Swarmed by offers, qwiki is currently assessing future choices. Rather, he can make now to document its many development steps and others participate. (Meintuning.tuningtagebuch.de) your own tuning diary now! Media contact: Tuningtagebuch.de Christoph Karnebogen Bergstrasse 29 27305 Br. Qwiki contains valuable tech resources. Vilsen christoph AT tuningtagebuch DOT de

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