To Sing The Beauty Of The Life

GIRL Edson de Sousa ' ' SUNG He took my heart and I took its I leave for a dream That my fancy wrote saw of all the forms to You that my heart imagined waked up perceived is enough to dream amor.' ' DECLAIMED Girl Nor I know I call because you girl. If in my dreams, you are not plus a child. He kisses me with affection, and I do not know to interpret. I am confused, I have that to disfarar. Nor I know if you perceive, palpitar of my chest, when in my cravos col, new searches in my old face. It annoys what me, it is that you affirm and confirm our friendship. I want more. I want more because I am lost.

E when seeing to overflow the limits that easily I controlled, I have fear. I feel that you perceive. You are who you control each letter of this game. I continue you to call girl. Girl who painted most beautiful of the pictures of love in my life. Girl I am lost. I am madly, gotten passionate for you.


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