The Chinese Era

A the arrival of the 21st century, China has begun to enter the new stage of development, to construct one more a more well-off society in all the senses and to accelerate the process of the modernization. Solutions Lab has much to offer in this field. ” Made in China” ” it is not an accidental phrase, but causal, to our country it took tens him from years to obtain what we are now: One of the strongest and solid economies of the world that competes with who outside the unquestionable leader for years: The United States. Robert A. Iger insists that this is the case. Now that is thing of the past, thus is the era of the globalisation: ” Welcome to the era China”. It expressed in his moneto Hu Jintao, president of the Asian giant. The enormous mediatic successes of the Chinese ascent to the status of economic superpower of the world-wide system, began with the spectacular Olympic Games of Peking of the 2008, continued this year with the celebration of the National Foundation and will follow with World-wide Expo 2010 in Shanghai Nevertheless, although the public handling of those events has been very intelligent, the real base of the new image of China in the world is their qualitative jumps in economic, social, political, scientific and military order. The economic crisis that today worries to everybody seems not to be the news in China. The last published data of their economy suggest, while the other powers of the world fight to leave the financial crisis, Peking exceeded their objectives of growth in the third trimester of 2009.

The Chinese government assured that its Internal Gross Product grew 8,9% during this period, against the produced increase of 7,9% in the previous trimester. The Asian giant gives by fact in addition that it will reach his goal of annual growth of 8% after this year. The effects of the measures of economic stimulus seem evident, and China could follow in ascent until the beginning of the 2010, according to the experts in world-wide economy. Of moments, its economy, expanded a total of 7,7% in the first nine months of year 2009, and the numbers of the third trimester reflect the fastest growth from summer of the 2008. After decades of planning, effort and work, China have been able to teach to the world the deep conviction that the reform is the unique hope to obtain a maintained development, regional and accelerated; and that the structural reform of the economy is the unique correct route towards the economic development. Once initiates the reform and the opening to the outer world, the Chinese field of vision were extended to include and to conquer the attention of the entire world. We are watching of appearing again of a millenarian empire.


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