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GPS Navigator

Route 66, suppliers of navigation software for mobile phones in association with Samsung Wave, launched a promotion in which give away for an entire year updating of the databases of speed radars only by purchasing the GPS Navigator lifetime license. Mobile phones are no longer anything more than a phone, to become with the passage of time and the evolution of technology in true multifunction devices. Now with the introduction of GPS chip as extra common in most modern terminals, terminals have managed to offer the features of the most advanced GPS navigators. To exploit the potential of this feature in the Samsung Wave, Route 66 promotes a complete GPS navigation software for this model with Bada OS. Route 66 is available for several mobile platforms but this time has been focused on the OS of Samsung (Bada) that the so-called Wave model debuts. the potential of this phone on your processor at 1 GHz, 512 MB of RAM memory and a 3.3-inch Super AMOLED screen which makes it a perfect device. Route 66 has everything to guide you comfortably by an infinite number of your country’s roads or on any continent.

You can count on a GPS Navigator for both vehicles and pedestrians, and also you will find the different services that are available within a good radius from your position on the map. Hotels, petrol stations, parking or places of interest will be displayed on the screen of the Samsung Wave. A wide range of possibilities opens in the Palm of your hand with Route 66. And best of all, is that you won’t need to use Internet connection to work with this GPS Navigator since the maps are installed in the phone’s memory, fact that will provide software at any time without extra charge in your invoice. Route 66 can be tested for 30 days. Once the trial period is expired, you can use maps without any inconvenience.

However, to continue enjoying the automatic navigation must be done with one license coming from 29.95 euros. If opted for the license of lifetime, Route touted for one year free update of the database of the radar set by geography. With this feature, the GPS Navigator notifies us with enough time the existence of a point of speed control, helping us to avoid anything pleasant traffic fines for speeding.