Spaceship Makes Polo

The Sylt lounge by space ship and the Polo in Hamburg simply belong together. On the weekend of the 14 and August 15, 2010 the space ship GmbH from Hamburg delighted again numerous guests in the Sylt Lounge on the rooftop of the Polo Club in Hamburg. At the high-goal Polo idea Derby in Hamburg was again with looking and then smoothed the lawn. Enjoy relaxing were the customers and friends of the Hamburg design agency spaceship the year’s high goal idea of Polo Derby in Hamburg, Klein Flottbek. Learn more at: Coen brothers. Already for the sixth time about 150 guests watched the fascinating action-packed game directly from the edge of the playing field and the set up specifically of spaceship over two days “Sylt lounge” on the roof terrace of the Club House. Weather presented itself, as often happened in Hamburg, typical North German. This held the viewers not thrilled to support the four teams in their battle for the trophy of the idea of Polo Derby. At the end of an exciting and hard-fought weekend the team Lanson champagne before the team idea won coffee and the team Sylt lounge / St Pauli.. It is not something Brian Robert would like to discuss.


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