Social Networking

Do you want more customers? Take advantage of social networks. According to Marc Benioff, responsible for salesforce, the social network Facebook is one of the most popular that exists, and that close to a billion people it is known and knows how to use it. Of according to a survey carried out for different companies, nearly 90% of respondents say that they have achieved substantial benefits thanks to heavy use of social networks.

But we must also say that only 3% of respondents use tools that provide social networks for more than three applications: get customers, interact with employees and coordinate with vendors. Perhaps, due to shortly after having social tools, companies are trying to slowly adjust to this kind of news. However, it has not always been so. At the end of the 1990s, companies like Wal-Mart used the Internet to streamline inventory and keep track of its spare parts in a quick and organized way. It is important that companies understand the great opportunities offered by the social networks.

For example, learning to listen to customers. The Dell company launched a storm of ideas among its consumers and which has resulted in more than 17,000 ideas to improve their products or create new ones, which were taken close to 500. On another occasion it was Dell which left their own ideas to users with the idea of knowing your opinions, suggestions or recommendations thereon. The next day the users had commented 83 ideas with which to improve products. The reality is that currently the majority of companies give small steps in processes to try to know how to make a great impact on social networks. Social networks have the potential to be as important in business as they are already mobile phones and computers. (web design and hosting web).

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