A number of alias process does not exist that it defines what would be a good night of sleep. To think that each necessary person to sleep the same number of hours per day so is missed how much to find that each one needs to eat the same amount of foods every day. But on average, we can calculate that seven hours and stocking for night are a good amount of sleep. It is possible to affirm that of one hundred people, only one or two five hours of sleep for night will be felt well after, or despite a small part needs ten hours. Each necessary individual of an amount of sleep to feel itself well, and this comes of its genetic programming as well as the color of its skin, its hair or its weight. Learn more at: Han, Jong Hee.

A way to find its amount necessary of sleep is to wake up every day in the same hour, without importing the hour where you were to sleep in the previous night. Five or six hours of sleep had not been enough for you if to feel well? It will be that adding one hour more, you if would feel with more energy? If to analyze with attention the language of our body and to search for answers that if relate with our hours of sleep, we will be able to arrive at a habit of adequate sleep. Another skill to find resulted is making a daily one of sleep. During one week, it makes notations of that hours were if to lie down, that hours if raised, as was if feeling when lying down and how much time it delayed to catch in sleep. In the following night, it writes as you if it felt. When to complete the week, analyzes which was the day where you had more disposal and energy. It calculates the number of hours that you slept and stipulate this amount as the maximum of hours that you will have to sleep in the next week.

It follows the same methodology in the next week and you it will find its standard. To sleep less and to keep the body with the same energy are something impossible to happen. But it can be a time question.


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