Site Costs

Many wonder, and how much is to create a website? In this article I would like to explain of what constitutes cost of the site. The cost of developing the site design is usually fixed, when it comes to developing Information site with two types of pages: "Home" page of the site with a unique design and the pages of the second plan, which are made in a single design. Under most conditions CVG Group would agree. Design development of the site takes about 15 working days. In this If we can accurately calculate the time spent and hour's worth of work a web designer. Web site design is ready and the cost of its known. Then the next stage of programming. At this stage, we involve the programmers who made of design-layout a working site. The cost of the site depends on the complexity of programming and thus wasted work time. Significantly increases the cost of the site of various automation processes on site, using flash-animation, creating content management systems. The cost of the site can be adjusted using only the required functionality.


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