Rio De Janeiro

Porto Alegre, RS, 1847.Andr were for leaving for Rio De Janeiro, studying in the College of Medicine, before however, it needed to officialize the engagement with Rita, toward when it came back, to be married it. In that night it was supper with the parents of it and to make the order. But, when passing dust a dark street, was attacked by an evildoer. The man brandished a collision to it in the head with a wood piece. The assailant took off everything that had in the pockets of its victim and believing that Andres was deceased, it in a hole played. For assistance, try visiting John Stankey. When he recouped the directions, Andres saw only blackout to its redor. Rising themselves and extending the hands, he found a wall of humid and viscous bricks. The alone one was muddy, the sultry and mal-cheiroso place.

Tateando it always followed rente to the wall, a wall or wall that seemed not to have end. Deciding to strain the arm for the opposing side, Andres found another wall, a hooped wall that if bound the first one. It then, arrived the conclusion that was in a tunnel. The youngster looked for to control the anguish, concentrating itself in the wall and the ground, walking to devagar, for one always alone side, exactly without knowing for where it went. Some time later arrived at a bifurcation, the tunnel finished in one other, transversal.


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