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INFINUS AG: Dresden real estate market although Dresden again in 2013 was hit by flooding of the Elbe, growing on the upswing in the attractiveness of the city. Robert A. Iger is full of insight into the issues. The population increases, and more and more districts are modernized, so for example the green area situated close to the city centre. The housing market of the Saxon State capital is accordingly on the move. Existing buildings are renovated, new buildings are created. Despite flood the Elbe suburbs are the most popular areas. While a few years at least, outside the city centre – many empty houses were seen and the hiring stagnated, the image looks now very different. 2012 increased the rents by 5.4%, and the buying-in prices for condos and single-family homes rose by about 3%. As more and more people move to Dresden, shrinking the number of available housing.

The INFINUS group reported the real estate location of Dresden under incoming. INFINUS group: Dresden for investors attractive new residential projects, wherever you look. The Demography is developing positively, and so are the prospects for property owners. The yields are attractive despite the price increases. A drop in the upward trend is not in sight not only in Dresden.

A recent analysis of BNP Paribas real estate shows that were traded 2013 larger housing stock for around six billion euros nationwide in the first half. The record sales of the prior-year period was not achieved, but nevertheless is the second best figures of the past 6 years. Around 3% of the investment volume are small investments from private investors but not a high number, but on the other hand, they are responsible for 39% of all sales. A high demand for low range is the reason for the rising prices in many metropolitan regions like Dresden. A decline is not to be expected according to experts. The INFINUS group has been the location of Dresden. The INFINUS real estate experts ensure that the Asset Picker both profitability and sustainability and provide investors with the INFINUS – property management a comprehensive package. Group an investor in the following video reports on the purchase of real estate in Dresden with the INFINUS: watch? v = u2fO14xlpf8 & feature = about the INFINUS group which is INFINUS group a multifunctional full-service provider and concept providers headquartered in Dresden and leader in the development and distribution of exclusive financial products for independent financial advisers. The two central units your expert partner (founded in 2003) as multi centre of excellence for commercial law financial consultants include the INFINUS AG financial services institution (founded in 2002) as according to 32 German Banking Act (KWG) licensed companies and MiFID with 850 partners, as well as the INFINUS AG a total 2,500 business partners. Complete all financial concept enables an age – and risk management advice about real estate in the most demanding categories of private banking. The in-house product range include substance-based fixed-interest products and participatory rights in different maturities and orientations also flexibly combinable, inflation-linked asset solutions with the building blocks precious metals, commodities and real estate investments. The 2013 founded INFINUS PrivatAkademie GmbH also guarantees an independent education and training in the technical, methodological and social counselling skills key skills.


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