Pruning – one of the major activities to care for fruit and berry plants in the garden. It is held annually during the winter – early spring before the entry of plants in the vegetation. Methods and objectives are different for each crop group plants and depend on the biological characteristics of culture, age, grade, degree of grooming the plants in the garden. Purpose pruning. – Formation of the crown of the tree. Carried out starting with 2 or 3 years old seedlings.

Trim lays required number of skeletal branches, the height of the trunk, branches held subordination with respect to each – other. In subsequent years, the tree of life support pruning in nezaguschennom condition, normalizing the number of branches in crown. – Regulation of the quality and quantity of the crop. It is known that the number of flowers on the tree much more than the number of ensuing fruit. The number of fruits collected from the tree is 3-5% of the number of flowers. Valuation cutting the number of flower buds can save the cost of vitality of the tree to bloom unproductive, while distributing them on the formation of higher-quality crop. Educate yourself with thoughts from Alloy. Cropping allows you to accelerate the entry into fruits of those varieties that have the latest entry into fruition is a biological feature. In the case of varieties, fruit-bearing time to time, cutting the annual increases the probability of fruiting.

– Health state trees. Since the age of the tree crown appear shrunken branches which must be removed, because that's what they started the emergence of some dangerous fungal diseases. – Rejuvenation of the trees. Trees and shrubs growing weaker with age and intensity of fruiting. Severe pruning stimulates the resumption of growth processes and normalizes fruiting. – The aesthetic function. Maintenance of trees and shrubs in tidy as to avoid future inconveniences such as props for the branches under their tilted too much and the threat has broken away from the tree. Shaded areas overbuilt trees, harvesting at an inconvenient strong height and spreading tree. Yes, and the appearance of aging garden will be frustrating and depressing. That's probably the main reasons for the need for pruning. Speaking of deadlines, it is worth noting that it is better to choose the days with temperature not lower than -10 C, no precipitation, and preferably before the snow melts, so as not to spoil the lawn, if it exists, leaving footprints in the wet soil. To crop of young trees (up to 10 years) is better to choose March or April, for older pruning the tree age of 10 will cost 300 rubles. For those who finds it difficult to determine the age of a tree can take the annual increase in the diameter of the trunk of apple and pear-0 ,8-0, 9 cm, plums and cherries less-0, 7. Pruning is carried out manually tool, cut down and slices smeared garden pitch and other compounds. One expert during the working day may cut down to 7-8 trees aged 20 years or 12-15 trees aged 10-12 years. Services grafting handle are not available. Departure of experts held this year on any day of the week since the beginning of February, by prior agreement.


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