Hello! Today we talk about lack of energy and motivation. The reasons for the lack of energy and decision. The lack of fast results. We often want everything at once. In life it does not happen, and the "journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. " What we do now determines our future results. One can imagine a ladder and mark on it, how many steps have already been overcome, and how much is still left. Inability to notice their little results.

It is important to notice each small step. Encourage yourself, praise yourself, make yourself a gift. Pat yourself on the head. Yes …. As a child … After a certain point, and the life surrounding us have become more thrash, criticize and punish, than to praise and encourage.

Perfectionism. The desire to make perfect. Since the ideal result is never achieved, satisfaction will not come ever. Samoedstvo. I am not: a) strong b) rich in) famous … …. All necessary is in us now. Strength, confidence, courage, luck, determination, flexibility, intelligence, sense of humor. Failure to ask for advice or assistance. People believe that all are free, but they do not realize that a lot of cases more than time and effort. We do not need to be competent in everything. One can always ask for advice, and it will not affect our "authority" (if we so afraid of this.) Failure to understand where to start. Enough to register the first step and a specific physical action.

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