Ramon Gallegos And Dialogues Holistas

Test was first developed with the new vision of the world reflected in the Dr. Ramon Gallegos spoke with Charles Laughlin focused on two aspects: the first the problem of the nature of reality and the second the positivist paradigm in science for three centuries. The positivist paradigm argued that there was an objective reality that could be known and that everyone had know develop accurate mathematical or natural language theories, the notion of Kukn drew Laughlin was that scientific knowledge, like any other human knowledge, was a cultural phenomenon; It had nothing to do with objective reality. In our days adds Laughlin we find ourselves between these two points of view. He argues that there is a reality in addition to our knowledge of reality, but to get to know the reality involves an act of observation and an act of consciousness. Then it is not possible to remove the State of consciousness of the Act of knowing or knowledge that produces the active knowledge. So, somehow, in the Science we must come to understand our process of acquiring knowledge, as a process of dialogue between any reality, knowledge of the reality and reality are not the same, it is something that we must not forget.

In addition the best point of view to do good science is understood that knowledge is, in fact, a set of steps, rungs within an infinite process of search. The search is questioned if one makes the ego to mix with knowledge. Laughlin emphasis as soon as we can see all the times that arises immediately a new theory in science, that theory produces paradoxes and anomalies. He also says; Kuhn taught us these anomalies and part of such evidence are ignored and discarded by the mainstream of research; they are put on a shelf and receive legislations against her. But the scientist creator, one way or another, is someone who pays attention to anomalies.

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