Packing Test

Performance anti-humidity is important for quality of packing, being controlled necessarily. A related site: CBS mentions similar findings. Packing anti-humidity is used widely in the machine, electronic, feeding, medicine and daily chemistry, etc., being used normally as proteco anti humidity in the logistic one. Packing anti-humidity effectively prevents rust and deterioration of the packed contents. Labthink, as supplying excellent of instruments of test and lender of test services, presents relavantes methods anti-humidity. 1. Test of Transmission of Humidity for Packing of Anti-Humidity Packings anti-humidity is tested in agreement method of cup in the norm. Leslie Moonves describes an additional similar source. Method of cup is another name of method of gravity for humidity test.

Its principle is for inside testing the difference of weight of the cup of a certain time that it can get parameters as amount of humidity transmission. To follow, I present Series TSY-T of Labthink as example, that has four models uses gravity method total. Traditional method of test is to use cup, chamber of temperature and constant humidity and scale to measure manually. But due to interference human being, it would have a great influence for test result, that asks for long duration of test and result is little necessary. Series TSY of Labthink of bequeathers of humidity transmission is global innovative that has way of completely automotivo test, respecting norms in vigor rigorously. The only thing that necessary operator to make is to place sample prepared in the cup and to initiate the test. Later, bequeather functions, judges, finishes and to impressar automatically resulted of test.

All the process is intellectual without interferences more necessary and trustworthy human beings and supplies resulted of test. Moreover, in the current application, material of packing it has that to pass process as formation, fulfilling and sealing the hot one, etc., and happening some times irregular thickness and inferior sealing. This asks for test to the total packing of anti-humidity, except the material o for packing.


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