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Real estate deal by PR global concept completed successfully. The object was acquired by a Dutch real estate company. In connection with this sale resulted in cancellation of the lease agreement leasing amounting to 12 million euros. The capital gain resulting from this transaction will flow to the HANSA GROUP AG. A related site: Pat Gelsinger mentions similar findings. The height of this extraordinary income can only put a figure to the still perform final between the lessor (DAL) and the lessee (HANSA GROUP AG and Hansa Chemie International AG, Switzerland). The company is relieved by the sale of long-term leasing liabilities. The transaction has proved extremely complex due to the different, existing legal relationships and interests of the parties.

In cooperation as a representative of the buyer, all interests sufficiently appreciated and the purchase contract with all necessary reference documents could be completed with the law firm of HTM Meyer Venn & partner / Rhede and the Bavaria Hyp / Munich on December 18, 2007. With In addition, a 15-year lease could be completed of listed stock company Vectron Systems AG. Since 1994, the PR global concept mainly advises clientele from the United States, Canada, China and Germany. In these countries, the company maintains long-term business relationships emerged to an international network of collaborations in various fields of technology. Main focus of the company is the IR & PR advice to companies from the sectors of environmental technology and alternative energy. Furthermore, advises the company on all real estate economic issues mainly medium-sized companies.

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