My Friendly Kitchen

Author Sabine Beuke has published her second book this month Bremen 09.02.2010 – Bajwa has taken the core of the time as well as in her first book, and continues with her new book the untenable conditions. My friendly kitchen”deals with an old form of nutrition which is there since the 19th century. William Banting (* 1797, 1878), the forefather of this revolutionary diet, knew his time as he keeps slim and fit the body, using a reduced carbohydrate diet. Today, there are more and more positive findings about this particular type of food intake. Source: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. “This showed us the author of among other things already in her first book, unsustainable conditions” in which she described her own ordeal in gastrointestinal and weight problems and could successfully fight with low carb. My friendly kitchen”is a self help cookbook for the delicate and sensitive intestines. It includes not only low-carbohydrate, quick and easy recipes, but also offers some Breakfast and dinner suggestions, as well as snacks. In addition, the reader has the ability to create yourself a diet plan from the many listed food.

There are short information around the digestive tract, as well as interesting facts about carbohydrates, protein and fat. Good basic knowledge of the intestinal problems be explained competently, short and concise by Bajwa, quickly you realize having an expertise, even if she does with foreign words to. The design of the recipes is designed so they invest much time, and also at home must have a large repertoire of spices or similar. It is also possible, on a tasty way to reduce his weight, or to want to keep it simple. Even many Hollywood stars live and love this effective form of nutrition. Low-carb diet/low carb can cause even more, including the Candida has little chance to multiply, harmful fungus because the basis of sugar is removed. Well mixed and there is something for every taste. Highly recommended! Both books are available in bookstores and from the books on demand GmbH, Norderstedt.

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