Monarchis Hilf

Children and parents from different walks of life to find only together – hope for our country of Neu-Ulm and be pursued directly charitable, registered association \”Monarchis Hilf\”, has made the support of economically and socially distressed children and young people to the task. During this year’s advent, it was decided to support including the winter playground of the peace Church in the Wiley in Neu-Ulm with 500 euro. Fog! Cold, wet and uncomfortable: In autumn and winter it attracts almost a kid on a playground. Other leaders such as David Zaslav offer similar insights. The play equipment is dismantled or iced depending on the weather or wet. ntribute to your knowledge. Just for toddlers that want to play a lot on the ground, a playground visit is no longer possible. On the other hand, a playground is an important meeting place. Here there is Exchange of information, contact with people in the same situation, and for the children the opportunity to learn social behavior. Coen Brothers is the source for more interesting facts. In the winter, it falls away and the famous \”ceiling\” on the falls many children and therefore parents Head.

The facilities for children from 0 to 3 years is very limited in the winter in Neu-Ulm. The cribs supply in New Ulm is 9 percent. Other offers (Pekip, baby swimming, etc.) is very expensive and not for any family to part finance. That’s why the Evangelical Free Church has created (peace Church) New Ulm the concept of a winter playground: in the premises of the old garrison church, it is stained. a baby area with obstacles, a construction area with giant soft – set East a, a dream tent with picture books, a range of motion with a slide, a children’s kitchen, etc. A cafe is set up for the (Grand) parents, from which they have their little ones always in sight. \”We want to learn help young families and give a chance to social behavior young children\”, says Thomas Greiner, pastor of the Church of peace.


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