Knowing The Parts The Piano

The natural operation in the mechanism of the piano when we operated with him is very simple: at the moment in which we touched the key, a handle located in the other end creates a movement that causes that it activates the hammer that has associate to her going towards the cord that is released by the extinguisher at the right moment before the percussion. The sound takes place after the blow of the hammer, where later this one falls and is gathered by catches. When we loosen the key of the piano, handles of the escape are freed that do that the hammer this again available one for the following note that is going away to transmit. To all this described process, denominates ” to him; Mechanism of percusin”. Another one of the elements that compose a piano is ” Box of resonancia” , or also called movable, and it is solely the closed cockpit that owns the piano whose more important purpose is to modulate or to extend the sounds that pass on the cords. Besides influencing in the timbre, one is due to consider to quality of the wood that composes to this box, since this one will determine the sound bounces more and permissiveness. (As opposed to John Stankey).

The box is made up of a cover superior and inferior, united by a strip, with curved form. For assistance, try visiting Glenn Dubin. The structure that reinforces the covers is denominated frame, which is very useful since it controls the vibration. When we wondered ourselves how to sharpen a piano, another one of the elements that conform the piano and that we must consider is ” Table armnica” , whose composition is formed by the barrages, the bridges of sound and the harmonic bars. Inferior of the cords of the piano is located in the part and consists of a wood surface in the form of lamina with a certain thickness and following what piano treats, it can arrive until the 15 millimeters. The table is made up by a series of united ribbons to each other with the function to amplify the sound that comes from the cords. The harmonic table owns a slight curvature favoring that this one resists better the pressure of the cords and it is able to increase the resonance of the same cords. The sound bridge is placed in center of the table and its function is to transmit the vibration of the cords to harmonic table.

” Bastidor” he is another one of the elements that conform the piano. One is a frame of iron bars, where in one of their ends, call the cordal, the cords and in the pegbox located in the other face adjust, are placed the refining pins. ” Cuerdas” , they are one of the named components more in the elements that compose a piano, are in charge to originate the sound by means of its vibration and tension, thanks to the flexible material del that are formed. They can have up to 224 cords in miso piano and each with a vibration different able from not getting stuck mutually. All these activate by means of ” Teclado” , made up of 36 black keys and 52 white that are the ones in charge to activate the different cords with which it is wanted to work. And finally we found ” Pedales” , which have happened to be a unique pedal to three at the moment: unicordio, pitch and the one of resonance.


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