ISO Audit

In the storm is when you know the good pilot companies herein are fully identified with what represents the philosophy, culture of quality, more to the reality of economic scenarios, commercial, highly competitive and where quality and productivity significantly assist in development of business management should this slope with all matters concerning quality management and audit-related. The quality audit is a management tool used to verify and evaluate quality-related activities within an organization. With the use of the audit can assess the effectiveness of the various activities that constitute the quality system of an organization, and corrective actions / preventive measures taken must be taken into account, however, that the philosophy of the programs Quality assurance is based on prevention rather than detection of problems-It is indicated that quality audit provides management company based objective evidence on facts which will enable management to make decisions based on facts and not assumptions. (A valuable related resource: David Zaslav). It also says that quality audits are, for organizations, a very important tool in three situations: a) as a requirement according to the schedule and procedure to comply with the standards established by ISO 9000; b) as a tool to facilitate the management review and continuously improve the system of quality management in place and c) as the methodology for the evaluation of their activities by their clients or by certification bodies. It is also important to bear in mind that the quality audit is usually applied, but not limited to a quality system or its components, processes, products or services. .


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