House Estate

Only the big hype, then the crash and now? The history of the House raffle: End of 2008 / beginning of 2009 the family of Daniel with its house raffle has caused a huge media buzz in the media forest. With the imported from England idea to meet that man is giving away his home under a predetermined number of participants the real estate crisis. Where the search has become tedious for a buyer with enough capital or credit associated with the desire to acquire a specific object, was the sale of lots for very little money to a variety of participants. The community of Los buyer so is the equivalent of real estate plus raffle expenses – and the lot will then decide who should appreciate the price. Not a bad price, is up 7-digit area but a property with a value of 6 while the costs (and thus the risk for the participants) 100 remained! This in conjunction with odds that are thousands of times better than so far unprecedented all created an attractive overall package, no comparison to shy away from needed.

The enthusiasm of the media via the first House raffle in German-speaking countries was correspondingly large, the draw itself in a few settled weeks and a lucky winner could enjoy a million mansion that he was free from encumbrances granted in return for 99. The \”gold rush\”: The real estate crisis, triggered by unrestrained zockenden bankers, had met not only the family Daniel, but there were thousands real estate owners who suddenly supposedly safe \”investment property\” could no longer sell. What could be more logical than to take the idea from Carinthia and copy? You needed tinkering but only a Web page or tinker, publish in the Internet, the media and that provide the required awareness then also free of charge – and once you have the price you wanted to have for its object.


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