Heat Pump Action Day Mainfranken: Users Open The Door In And Around Wurzburg.

Sunday, April 18, 2010 from 10 h 17 h that has never existed: on April 18, Alpha-InnoTec heat pumps experts are speech and answer to the theme of energy and sustainable heating systems. Nine Alpha-InnoTec heat pumps owner to open her door, all interested parties present their innovative heating system and together with the respective Installer for questions. Whether new construction or renovation for both applications can be seen different solutions: one day, in the entire 97 postcode area. Read additional details here: Coen brothers. Valuable exchange of experiences and informative programme including! User experience first hand, data and facts by experts, exhibitions, lectures nine users at nine locations in the region of Lower Franconia, who have opted for a heat pump by Alpha-InnoTec, present on Sunday, April 18, their innovative heating system. Here, Glenn Dubin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Visitors can speak directly with the users and the respective Installer experience values. No matter whether an upgrade or a new building in the House is good examples of both applications to visit and learn about the available in the frame of the heat pump-action tags Mainfranken. Alpha-InnoTec is successfully active in the market of alternative heating technology for ten years. The company relies on its location in the upper Franconian Kasendorf and technology by Alpha-InnoTec manufactures all heat pumps in the main factory is made in Germany.” Imputed: with this eco-friendly heating system can reduce heating costs by up to 50%.

The dependence on finite fossil resources such as oil and gas is a nice side effect! “” A unique opportunity to the heating system of the future live “to meet in Wurzburg Hochberg, Arnstein, Wonfurt (OT stone field), Sulzdorf, Hammelburg, Karlstadt (OT Kadam Castle), Wertheim – Bettingen and Werbach can interested parties on April 18, 2010 from 10 am 5 pm Alpha-InnoTec heat pumps directly on the object” experience. As a partner, also the energy provider E.ON Bayern are at the Mainfranken EnergieKompetenzzentrum and uZ Lulsfeld with information stands on the spot, the heat pump Pro from the upper Franconian Kasendorf presents exciting presentations around the subject of heat pump”: at 11, 14 and 16: 00, the frequently asked questions about the heat pump will be answered at EnergieKompetenzzentrum Mainfranken in Arnstein. The experts at the same times about the advantages of heat pump and solar technology will inform at the Sun House”company in Wurzburg Hochberg Barthel. In addition, the alpha-InnoTec is Infomobil on-site.

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