He Who Perseveres Reaches

REACHES that endures, how many times have we heard this phrase? Too often it? But we apply in our daily lives? I begin this article with this slogan: Never give up, everything you start, Finish it! It cost me a lot to learn, but finally put in place in my personality and now every time that culminated a goal, I feel wonderful, believe me invincible and empowered to achieve the next goal on the list. Since I was a child, I have been persistent or rather insistent, I say this because every time I wanted to get my way, insisting he could to get what you want, but once it got going I wanted I was bored and wanted to initiate me into otherwise, such as classes or courses (dance, swimming, fencing, athletics, Ballet, English, music, university, etc.) in order all this began and many were never completed. For example when I was 15, fought hard to get into classes four, then I got tired and felt I needed something harder and I switched to guitar lessons, once I learned a little, I go to classes Mandolin and believe in why I have a good time and not any kind culminates today do not remember anything about these instruments, can you believe it? My poor parents threw their money away, what a shame, because now I can see it clearly, I was just a girl who was disoriented as far as record is concerned, this quality was in me, but should work hard on it. . If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin.


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