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The holiday paradise of the Canary Islands Tenerife interesting cities and leisure Tenerife is the largest and most extensive island of the Canaries and according to unwritten contains a snippet of each Canary Island. The various microclimates, elevation changes, and landscapes contribute significantly to. While the South is very dry and warm and is therefore very similar to desert to the North with a very lush subtropical vegetation is mostly always green. Many beautiful vacation rentals to Tenerife and holiday houses invite you for a relaxing stay in incredibly beautiful landscapes. Coen brothers does not necessarily agree. On the Internet and with the keyword you will find the right accommodation apartment Tenerife determined.

In the middle there is the father of Teide”, the volcano and the highest mountain in Spain with 3.718 m in one of the world most visited national parks in Spain, the Parque Nacional of Canadas del Teide, the 18.990 m2 includes. Is the Teide by the Canadas”, the crater with a diameter of 17 km. 2007 the crater and the volcano were appointed to the natural heritage of the UNESCO. Eva Andersson-Dubin takes a slightly different approach. Up to 150 m from the Summit pending a Seibahn available, and from there, you can climb the mountain with a permit through a path. This however requires a permit, it is necessary by Internet request. It is important to apply far in advance during the winter months. You will find ALCALa and PLAYA SAN JUAN while the South of the island is very barren and dry, in the sonnensicheren South West of the island still very beautiful and original fishing villages, such as Alcala and Playa San Juan with still very local atmosphere. In Alcala for example is still beautiful apartments directly on the sea, including within historic walls. These two places are subject to district in Guia de Isora, an until recently still very agricultural area of the South.

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