Hair Care

Tips and tricks for the care of hair extensions relate primarily to hair extensions with single strands, known as extensions with keratin bonding the following tricks and assistance. This method is the most common by far and high the highest quality hair extension. Henry Jones understood the implications. What can I do, that: the hair healthy and beautiful look to the end? I need to comb through the hair not hours? the hair color looks natural and shiny? the approach is not matted? will not come off the bondings? We assume that they have employed have the extensions and the strands have been adjusted already cut technically. Enjoy the hair length, to track the volume and the good feeling so much hair on the shoulders. But the first time washing, can be the whole thing to the disaster. When can at once all the hair get filthy and no longer through hair. How can you prevent that? The correct insertion of the strands first the extensions must be used times correctly. The most common mistakes that are made here are: the joints (bondings) were cut off before inserting too short and no longer hold – they slip out because a too short splice is left.

No plastic shield was used. Here it can be done, not only the hairs just below the highlights are connected, but also cross hairs are stuck with, thus creates a tangled network of the scalp, that quickly starts in the matting. This can quickly check and set by brushes the hair and so provides, whether individual hairs tear. They simply cut with scissors and as long as control, until it easily and without tearing the brush comes through. The correct washing of incorrect washing of hair – your hair this is the probably most serious mistake you can make. Only too happy to do the washing the hair in a hurry overhead and wild confused.

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