Gunther Sachs

In this interview is entered on many questions, some critically, from the spiritual realm. SIGI Oehm, freelance writer, in conversation with Uli NIEs, Tarot & intuitive life coach, Tarot, astrology, ASTRO TV shows and spirituality. Mr. (Source: Comcast). NIEs, occupy themselves with Tarot, how came you to? It all started actually so that I got an astrological analysis of life, and in it we say 80% recognized. This prompted me to look more closely at the astrology. Some contend that Dr. B shows great expertise in this.

As I was but also a skeptical person, I began with research into astrology, for example, I read the book \”the file Astrology\” by Gunther Sachs, which shows statistically causal relationships between the behaviour of the people and the statement of astrology. But astrology, so I felt at that time, it was not all yet, and so it happened that I one day in a bookstore picked Tarot cards me. Today, I would say they were put on me in the hands… You have dealt well with astrology, why not now more, but only Tarot? Now, I’m on the edge still at it. However, astrology is, I say time, a more rigid system, which is why she was formerly also a science or even if today it is known. It contains much, but not necessarily goes from my point of view on the respective human aspects, saying actions and decisions a what Tarot already takes into account. As an example: Astrology \”says\”: \”something is so and so and point.\” Tarot, however, \”says\”: \”you, these are your options, pick one, and then the matter will become so or otherwise\”.

I have another example: Let’s say the Astrology provides us with the basic colors red, yellow and blue. Not more but just not less, Tarot, however, reveals the whole colour spectrum, including and with all colors and shapes. So does that mean that you see is the difference between astrology and Tarot? Yes, astrology but it also plays a role with in the Tarot.


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