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Introduction to go back to times past, probably will find that very few thought that delegate management functions to third parties would be as healthy for enterprises and organizations. Since then concerns protesters as the fact that the activities of a company or organization are very delicate, so all this holds, more when these have been developed, remaining at the time dealing with different challenges, changes to scenarios where you develop brought, delegate them to other strange therefore was questionable, howeverwith the technological revolution and globalization, is I think a market so competitive that management did not have time to cover all areas of the Organization, since should concentrate on the vital areas of the same, such as decision-making, planning and proper management. This led to manifest a new administrative tool that has given way to that today manifests itself and It is very important to consider, taking into account, its scope, impact, benefits, as well as their obstacles, disadvantages. There is a new concept, which seeks that organization be devoted almost exclusively to what would ensure the subsistence of the same in the future, and this is the Outsourcing. The topic of Outsourcing this being increasingly a greater interest by management, academics, executives analysts in various industrial sectors, managers of all types of organizations and even by means of communication the Outsourcing lets companies focus on their core areas, and cede to specialized companies, peripheral or support activities; This is asserting as one the formulas more considered by companies to manage their business definition and brief history definition is the outsourcing of production processes, administrative or support, in order to optimize the efficiency, effectiveness and/or quality in operations of a company. Background originally, outsourcing was focused towards subcontracting of indirect services (units of staff, General Service, cleaning, messaging, insurances, etc.) to the operations of the companies. The current trend is to outsource as much as possible, to ensure competitiveness in global markets. . Discovery Communications follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

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