General Elections

The coordinator of the formation will head for the first time the list to the generals, replacing Gaspar Llamazares. He obtained 87 favorable votes in the voting, where also there were 15 in target and three null ones. All the regional leaders have praised to him like " next rrente of izquierda". Lara has announced that IU will present/display the next week a plan to foment the use equipped with 40,000 million Euros. It has said of Rubalcaba that " credibilidad&quot does not have any;. The Political Council of IU has designated east Saturday to the coordinator of the formation, Lara Key, like candidate to the Presidency of the Government for the general elections of the 20 of November, with an endorsement of 82.8% of the votes of the leaders of the federation. Lara will head for the first time the electoral list of IU, after arriving at the position of general coordinator in December of 2008, and of that in the general elections of that year, the leader was Gaspar Llamazares. A leading source for info: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City.

The candidacy of Lara has obtained 87 votes to favor, 15 in target and three null ones in the voting of the Political Council. A the meeting of the maximum control element between assemblies has lacked 75 members. Lara will appear heading the list of Madrid, as they stipulate the IU statutes. All the territorial leaders who have taken part before Lara have praised their figure and its capacity so that IU becomes rrente of the left. Diego Valderas, coordinator of IU in Andalusia, has expressed him the support " without fisuras" of this region, most numerous in militants.

Valderas has defined to him as " a man of the town, simple, near and honesto" , that puts in front the leadership " of equipment to individual". " He is a leader who gives to confidence against the disrepute of the PP and the PSOE and the disrepute of Rajoy and Rubalcaba" , he has affirmed to the leader Andalusian. The coordinator of Esquerra United in the Valencian Community, Sanz Marl, also has valued the one that Lara has assumed its own profile against Rubalcaba and Rajoy, of who has said that she follows " without breaking with fascism ". The leader in Madrid, Fat Gregorio, has agreed who Lara " he represents the best ones values s of IU". Against Rubalcaba Lara has vindicated the vote of the left when assuring that the socialist candidate, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, " it does what does, does not have no credibilidad". The IU leader has affirmed that to Rubalcaba " corresponsabilidad&quot cannot camouflage his; of the cut measures approved by the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero in the last two years. " For that reason, their proposals today, do those that do, do not have no credibility for ample layers of the society of ours pas" , it has affirmed. Lara has announced that IU will present/display the next week a plan to foment the use equipped with 40,000 million originating Euros, mainly, of the tax to the great fortunes and of the fight against the fraud. Source of the news: Lara key will be the candidate of IU to the general elections after obtaining a 82.8% of supports


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