Freight Transportation In Moscow Must Be Environmentally Friendly

Who does not know what the air in Moscow? Just look at the sky above the great outdoors and you can see a gray cloud of smog. He immediately felt, as soon as you enter the city. It turns out that the air is thrown out of Moscow 1 million tons pollutants annually and a large part – it's exhaust gas from cars and trucks. Trucks in the city are only 10%, but they and the ground and pollute the air. The city authorities are concerned about environmental conditions on city roads. Soon there will be an analysis of freight transport in Moscow. Carola Remer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Experts must determine how much and what kind of trucks crossing the border of the city and enters the center. As is known, already there is a restriction on entry of trucks inside the Third Ring Road to the environmental characteristics of the engine below Euro-3. According to the analysis will be to determine how many trucks in Moscow with low environmental performance and how quickly you can improve this situation. Now uzhu many transport companies interested in developing their businesses are updating their fleets of trucks to the higher environmental standards, that is not lower than Euro-4.Transportnaya company Frigate-Auto also started prevod of its fleet on trucks with the engine ekologicheskog Euro-4 standard. Class cars have gas gazelle engines, which have environmental certification. Cars greater tonnage mostly foreign-made engines have a corresponding environmental certificate. Already, there are restrictions on entrance to the city of heavy trucks, lorries carrying capacity of 10 tons or more must have a permit to enter the city and highway intersection zheleznodoronoy walking around the city at the 4th Ring Road. There is also restriction on entry into the third ring road for vehicles over 1.5 tonnes of payload. For such vehicles must pass and the presence of a certificate of compliance with environmental standards engine.

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