Federal Labour Court

Obviously, there is a legal gap in our country. All religions are dictatorships of the spirit (content, dogma), the structure (form and process) and methodology (manner). The Catholic Church is one of the largest dictatorships or an absolutist monarchy Vatican with the Pope at the top, in our world. The Catholic Church is located in democratic Germany in a legal space–from the Holy Roman Empire and the ‘ third party rich. > A special comes out of the Church out of disappointment with the abuses and promptly loses his job at the Caritas. Now the Federal Labor Court decided: the dismissal is justified…

> source:… Who serves the Federal Labour Court? Of course the law! How such a judgment then gets a worker? By many lawyers previously have construed the law not bowed. Specialisation is deductive (!) falsifiable mind science. How did the Church to a quasi Basic Law adverse position? Through such arbitrary konsensuale (Majority dictatorship) Non-system processes. The elite has formulated our Constitution. The churches are one of the 7 primary power areas of our society that involved! A.

Hitler is due May 1, social welfare, mother and father’s day and the motorway and the social change social structures of equality… > staff in Catholic institutions in the future at a religious disaffiliation with termination face. The withdrawal was a serious violation of loyalty, which could justify the dismissal from the church service, on Thursday decided the Federal Labour Court in Erfurt (2 AZR 579/12) and reconfirmed the legal status of the churches. Thus, a psychology from Mannheim in the last instance with the lawsuit against his sacking was unsuccessful. The 60-year-old was leaked 2011 due to the numerous cases of abuse in Catholic institutions from the Church. Then he lost his job in a child care centre supported by Caritas. The motives of the applicant were not, order by to require the continued employment of the teacher, the Catholic charity, the second Senate based its decision.

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