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September 30, 2010 anonymous service issues Ask.fm launched an application for a social networking site Facebook. Now users can view Ask.fm personal page and ask each other questions without leaving your account in the popular social network. The new application allows real-time view Ask.fm – page one of the tabs (the tabs) Account Facebook, along with the pages of "The Wall", "Information", etc. Thus, any person opening a personal page on Facebook, Now, along with biographical information about the user and his band communications activity, will know him better by reading the answers to the questions posed by Ask.fm. However, he can not out of the social network, ask account holder to any question whose answer will automatically appear both on Ask.fm, and on Facebook. "The appearance of an application for Facebook – a logical step for the development of Ask.fm. In our service of anonymous questions already have an account to log on through This social networking site, as well as find and add friends through Facebook. Therefore, the introduction of a consistent application stage and makes use of the service even more convenient, "- says one of the developers Ask.fm Mark Marder. For more information see Glenn Dubin, New York City.

The integration of various social web services is a common trend in the field of interactive communication. This makes it easy for users and allows the Internet to expand their projects user base. Due to the application for Facebook, users can now invite your friends from the social network in Ask.fm. Project Ask.fm launched July 16, 2010. Service is the social network format Q & A (Questions & Answers). On this site users can share any, including anonymous questions. Users to answer questions and thus form a personal home page, which can be compared with a detailed interview, telling much about the nature of rights and respect for those around him. This form of communication is interesting as ordinary users, and celebrities who can use the site to work with journalists, as well as a variety of companies that can convert your account to the center to work with clients.

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