Economy: China and Brazil

Until day 30 of April, the purchases of action on the part of these investors surpassed the sales in R$ 4,5 billion in the gathered of the year. Only in April, the balance arrived the R$ 3.1 billion. One of the explanations that come gaining force is that Brazil well is seen because has a strong domestic market (more still after the governmental measures of stimulaton to the consumption), has resisted to the crisis (thanks to considered beddings solid) and because of its increasing commercial relations with the Chinese China.Mercado it is the buoy of salvaoUma well information related to the Asian giant was great the responsible one for the optimism. A pointer that measures the Chinese industrial activity had in April the first expansion after eight months followed of low. It is not something News Corp would like to discuss. China is great raw material importer, as oil and ore of iron.

As our country possesss a great exportvel excess of commodities, it finishes attracting the confidence them investing foreigners. Moreover, analysts had commemorated the initiative of the Asian countries in creating deep of emergency with a US$ mount of money 120 billion. The resources must be used to help the countries more seriously affected by the world-wide crisis. Notice that had helped ' ' levantar' ' ndiceEntre the main notice of the day, the Focus bulletin, prepared for the Central banking, disclosed that the majority of the economists of the financial sector had improved its projections for the evolution of PIB (Produto Interno Bruto) of this year: instead of a contraction of 0,39%, the medium one of the projections points a retraction of 0,30%.O Ministry of Public Works and the Economy entered a commercial surplus (bigger exportations that importation) of US$ 3,7 billion. The result is 113% superior to registered in the same month of last year (US$ the 1,737 billion) and 109% greater that the verified one in March of this year (US$ 1,772 billion).


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