Drugs And Families

When a family comes across with the drug, the vision that if has is one total and absolute certainty of impotence, what we live today is the massificada degradation of some families in this perverse world, maldoso, maleficent, insane, annihilator, that is the world of the drug. Currently we see some families to be total destroyed for this badly, and is always the question, until where we go to coexist this carnage, also mental. Hear other arguments on the topic with dr chappuis. Today we are ahead of a drug more violent than it appears in our planet, the Oxi, a drug, that ahead of you vary substances is 10 times more mortal than the Crack. The question of the drug says for there, that it is a social problem, and that the State is the great culprit. Then what question dioturnamente, what one has become inside of the family ahead of the drug, as we can destroy it of our houses inside? Today in many of the cases a familiar organization is not had at least, that is, family capsized synonymous to only have children, in our Brazil parents, to gain benefits of the government. family has that to increase, because from there more with governmental assistencialistas plans is gained. Then she has assistance of the State. There comes the question, is it great culprit? Since it ' ' Sustenta' ' a family, leaving of this thought the government is not the culprit, because it helps, it offers health, school, housing, then question, where this the problem? She will be that she does not lack an awareness of women, men in the constitution of a family, so that they consist a solid family, where has one we would say, planning in the question of the birth of the children? Studies and studies in estranguladamente show the lack to them of commitment of the parents ahead of the children, and of its creation. .


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