Danube Express

V.F. The different routes cross the center and this of Europe. Its interior makes back down until years 50. Account with modern facilities, to the service of the passenger. In the majority of the occasions when one thinks about traveling and visiting new cities not very often consider that the train can be something more than means than allow us to reach our destiny. You may wish to learn more. If so, Brian Robert is the place to go. But most nostalgic and romantic they find in this running on rails a different way to enjoy vacations, that go beyond the simple fact to move from a site to another one, thanks to a series of luxury trains that allow to discover the world of a different form. mation. oftentimes addresses this issue. Surrounded by glamour and in an atmosphere in which it is taken care of until the minimum detail, the Danube Express appears like a train where modernity and the memory the past occur the hand to accompany to the traveller in this route that takes to him to explore new destinies. All on board are an opportunity to live a different and sophisticated experience.

While in the outside we see happen the most varied landscapes, the time it seems to have itself stopped in its interior. Many consider a hotel on wheels that allows to visit diverse cities without needing loading the luggage continuously. One seems to be in a dream, and from the beginning to the end the personnel will be kind to that nothing it needs. This full trip of magical combinations, emphasizes by its exclusive atmosphere, in which only 42 passengers will be the privileged people in each route. Between the eight wagons that compose this tourist train guided by a modern locomotive, of luxury can be decided on a compartment in the call classic car-bed or be enjoyed a compartment. First of them it is conceived mainly for the traveller who goes without companion.


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