Curtain Poles

Learn curtain rods and the determination of the length of the curtain rod in this post tips for determining the length of curtain rods, how in a very short time to determine the length of the curtain rods. You will receive all curtain rods, which are available from us in every length as required. Thus you can mount quickly and easily home the curtain rods, without that it takes much time, the curtain rod that was not available in the required length to cut. How do you best: measure the width of the window should be attached to the curtain rod, using a yardstick. After you determine the left and right uberstand over the curtain rod. The supernatant is usually between 15 and 25 cm per side.

You calculate the length of the curtain rod with the following formula: window width + left supernatant + stood right over what is required? Please make sure that the belt is later obscured by the curtain of the roller shutter box. In this case should rather a supernatant of 20-25 cm choose. No strap is placed to the right and the left of the window to suffice a supernatant of each 15 cm to the right and 15 cm left. Have you gotten a roller shutter box in the wall? If Yes, then avoid it please, fit the wall holder on the roller shutter box. In this case, you must set the wall bracket outwards and thus also the extended left and right uberstand over the curtain rod. On our website you will find more useful tips and tricks on the subject of curtain poles and curtain Rails. Brief introduction of our company: all types, models, and designs of our curtain poles and curtain Rails which are available with us are designed in our home, designed and then produced.

We attach great importance to quality. For this reason, all curtain poles and curtain rails are produced in our plants in Germany. Additional information at Rupert Murdoch supports this article. Also as regards special designs, shall at any time to realize this. To be able to survive in the market, is”our strategy to be not the cheapest but the best.

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