Hypocrites! Now can be heard shouting to a member of a party and perhaps, this cry would stifle the great silences and omissions made in the past, also that same party encouraging the social borreguismo (synonym of cronyism and pujolismo). Please! Stop insulting and put all those responsible for direct and indirect in jail. You will see that soon, when they begin to get politicians and officials in jail for breach of laws, the problem is over. It has to be bad, immoral, self-satisfied and, above all, feel immune to everything, to pass laws that we know that they will not comply. It is one more typical examples in Catalonia worthy of being silenced and as always cheer seny to not go airing to everywhere; Today is the language law (does not educate in mother tongue) yesterday was that of data protection (medical hospitals that give the history of their patients) yesterday was the law of dependence (no funds to implement it) and better not go on citing, because the embarrassment increases against such aberrations. It was started the Catalan decadence at the same time that developed following that appeal to the tarann? catalan, coinciding with the entry of the partidocracia and like no, before the emergence, maintenance and sinking of the pujolismo in this beautiful region. The setting of the pujolismo has made it possible that the rule of law, that is not that it sounds like a Chinese, but no one knows what is. Hence, ir quebranto law by our rulers, is the bread of every day.

And before this decline, over the last decades, several generations of young people be them has deprived of future, drawing on works of public servants or to enter into the proud (to say embarrassing) body of porters to amedrantar the population, forgetting what it means effort, for means it creating wealth, which means taking risks is to say, it has been encouraging to the young generations to live Dad or MOM status. PD. The damage that has made the pujolismo a Catalunya, will take decades to be able to repair. While the new rulers that have replaced the pujolismo, tell us: what you need to do is what we are doing is to say, to continue without enforcing laws and spend our money to everywhere. PD (bis). My desire for 2009 is that common sense is implant and that lying is do Diezmada?. Too much to ask!.

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