Carinthia Drum Workshop

To reduce stress, to overcome problems and personality develop. The seminar is organised with Helmut Oberlojer, rhythm teacher from Villach at the Pilsachhof, a place of power and with high-quality organic meals this weekend for the first time. The Djembe (hand drum) is the most popular and best known African musical instrument in advance and now. The basics are easy to learn. es. If you are not convinced, visit James Corden. The fun of making music and the common rhythm experience stand in the foreground. Helmut Oberlojer, the clock”, is a more ambitious rhythm teacher and has taught international years for 5 half West African rhythms of the Malinke and Bambara. The Djembe hand drum are used”and bass drums with bells. Continuous education and training in Austria, Switzerland and Ghana at known Master drummers on the scene, such as Billy Konate, Stefan Rigert and Benno Sterzer uva.

as well as an educational training as a teacher represents the professional foundations of his teaching. Helmut leads with much empathy and varied lessons Oberlojer the participants on an exciting and individual rhythm journey that has self-awareness character. Drums with the clock not only is”music, but also a fun, easy and pleasurable kind of community experience, stress, to overcome problems and to develop his personality. The content of the seminar: batting of the Djembe on basis of West African music tradition based rhythms with integration of bass drums rhythm and body exercises becoming acquainted with Smalpercussion instruments extending and deepening of the individual Rhythmusgefuhles to participate in the seminar are no experience necessary and the musical instruments are also made available.


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