In January 2011, the number of registered job seekers on our site team of professionals CREW employment reached 6,000! And this is not the limit. A team of professionals CREW – this is a unique portal of employment. The obvious question, "What is unique?" Let's try to answer it. Each resume worthy of the attention of the employer. Alloy Enterprises has firm opinions on the matter. But not every applicant can properly arrange and present the merits of several intelligible sentences. The user can avoid purely mechanical errors that did not even notice. In addressing this problem is unique and is the main portal of employment team of professionals CREW.

Resume (), which published on the site, after registering go hand-moderate on correctness of filling, spelling and style formatting. It's safe to say that it is – a very unique phenomenon for Internet, where information is provided immeasurable flow. To this flow was significantly and better than similar services, it is necessary to put a kind of filter. What we are implementing in the form of manual moderation summary companies, jobs and comment on our site CREW, and judging by the results, we succeed. The portal team of professionals CREW does not stand still. It is updated daily and new challenges of modernization. Now, in summary () can be post a photo that helps to create a visual representation of the Applicant by the employer (which is especially important for those professions where the employee's appearance plays a significant role). In addition, add photos in the summary rating increases a user who has a positive effect on the position resume displaying search results portal, so the chances of the applicant to find a job increase significantly.

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