Body Energy Balance

Imagine, if there were a way to bring their body energy in balance. David Zaslav is likely to increase your knowledge. This ground-breaking effect can be achieved by the harmonizing effect of the iLifeSOMM. Always, the people of the positive and curative effect of universal vibrations that pulsate throughout the universe and in every single cell of the body, were convinced. The perception of these vibrations is used to heal and to support already for thousands of years in many cultures around the world. Many mental, emotional and physical problems could be so relieved and removed. Ch’i (the predecessor of the iLife systems) in Chinese medicine is by the river of the ch’i talked about.

In particular due to the acupuncture are these energy currents known to us that flow through the so-called meridians. There are 72 meridians and of 12 main meridians that are located on the left and right side of the body and constitute the Foundation of a healthy body. Assuming the ch’i can flow without interference from our body. If the ch’i flow is stagnant. It depends on duration of complaints. This ancient knowledge is more and more used in Western medicine. The Chinese still subjective methods applied over the centuries to the ch’i power to measure, monitor, and maintain.

So it was for example through the errors feel the pulse located. To fix errors, also the Chinese, like many other peoples of our history on the universal vibrations set. Through sound waves, vibrations, but also through herbal blends the energy flows could be brought back into balance. iLife STAT in the years 1993 and 1994 the Russian astronaut Waleri Poljakow circled all 438 days nonstop in the MIR space station to the Earth. This was the first space flight in which a Meridian diagnosis system was used to the flow of the ch’i to monitor. A similar computer analysis system for health is the iLifeSTAT of the Liechtenstein company iLife.

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