This Arcanum is the archetype of the sorcerer, is that through their tricks and their male energy, surrounds us that sometimes we believe that it is somewhat superficial. Creativity and boldness is actually what this letter is us indicating a run of Tarot cards. The arcane the magician reveals to us a person who works and experiments with force all of its shares. Educate yourself with thoughts from Chad Wallach. It is certainly very positive tarot letter, although it is always true that there is no bad letters by themselves, but combinations of letters, which give a negative result. The magician is a letter that conveys the wisdom that we carry within ourselves. This letter of the tarot shows us the way to follow and experimenting with forces all kinds of situations in order to achieve the purposes.

The magician is a letter of the tarot where always indicates a challenge which we must carry out, but naturally, as a game, finding pleasure and satisfaction in the said game. He has no goals, but an immense enthusiasm in everything that happens. This letter of tarot prepares us for the game of life, for autodescubrirnos, and send us the message that discover is to live, and to do so in the most free way, the tarot helps us to discover that part hides, but fun, that each one of us we have inside; invites us to take risks and challenges us to make our dreams a reality. Visit us at Berta of the original tower author and source of the article

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