And Suddenly There Was Christmas!

Every year the same drama – where now quickly get gifts? Every year the same drama – gift search. In particular this year expect many online shops with short-term orders and offering special offers, so also the wall artists. “We rely fully on the undecided and already pushing the sale of vouchers. “Per coupon order is a 5 coupon in addition given away”, so Susanne Schmitz, founder of the online shop of wall artists. “But that’s not enough, we work on high tour of new motifs and have in the last two weeks over 20 new designs developed and brought to the production stage. Another 30 will follow until December 6”, so said next.

The wall artists expect a sales increase of 20% from 1-22 December. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Leslie Moonves. is the online store of Web rigging Schmitz & Gampe GbR Friedenheimer Strasse 122, 80686 Munchen phone: 089- company: Web rigging Schmitz & Gampe GbR was founded in May 2008. Web rigging is a consultant for online communication, Web design, Web shop development and Web design. In addition to the advice and of course also the implementation of Web pages, Web rigging has opened an online shop for decals (stickers). So they prove competence and current knowledge in this area that is very special and is always changing. Owner and co-founder of the advertising agency are Schmitz & Gampe wild friends GmbH since 2001. Due to the very high the shop can rely on an inexhaustible potential Designaffinitat and the feeling for trends. Web rigging is aimed at small and medium-sized companies who want to revise their online area or rebuild.


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