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Press release of the dream hour publishing she was a person who had lived passionate, dearly loved and fought desperately. Brigitte Lai mountain was only 53 years old, when she lost the fight against cancer in October 2006. Quote Amper courier moved 2007 the cancer diary got afraid “by Brigitte Lai mountain their legacy to posterity represents. The 3.Auflage of this moving work in the dream hour Publisher appears on Sep 15, 2010. can contribute to your knowledge. In the preface reads: this book was a part of their hope to convey something to others, even if it causes only, to deal with the own dying or to understand that health is the greatest wealth of the people. This book is personal, honest and a beautiful memory of someone special. Readers of the first two editions wrote: this diary has taken very me. I am now really no reader and read with my 31 years yet no 10 books.

But this book I had through in a few days and felt very. One could very well, even without knowing Brigitte personally, imagine your wife. To read this book, it was worth. (Nicole) I have read the book by/about your wife and it has really touched me how long your wife had but courage and humor, as well as long she had fought (Svenja N..

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